April 30, 2022

How to Pack Dishes and Glasses for Moving So Nothing Breaks

How to Pack Dishes and Glasses for Moving So Nothing Breaks

Moving, whether long-distance or just down the street, can be an adventure on a good day and a challenge on a tough one. One of the primary concerns people have is how to pack dishes and glasses for moving so that none of the aforementioned items break en route to your new home. There is a multitude of options for packing and packing materials to ensure that your glasses and dishes are as protected as possible and arrive safely and in one piece. 

Tips for Packing Your Glasses and Dishes

The kitchen is the heart of any home. No matter how big or how small, the kitchen is where people in life congregate, where laughter, tears, and good conversation resonate through the air over your family’s favorite meals. Integral to this flow of communication is the glasses and dishes that propagate the sharing of food, drink, and emotions. Moving can put your family’s glasses and dishes at risk of being broken or damaged, or even destroyed, in the process. There are, however, things that you can do to help mitigate the danger to your glasses and dishes as you pack up and move. 

First and Foremost-Give Yourself Plenty of Preparation and Planning Time

Any move, regardless of if it is down the street or across the country, requires a great deal of planning and preparation in order to run smoothly.  The earlier you begin to plan and organize the smoother the move will go. Even if you are moving down the street, it is beneficial to be as organized as possible to minimize trips back and forth, as minimizing trips will go a long way towards minimizing the potential for damage to your things, especially your breakable items such as glasses and dishes. Planning ahead also allows you the opportunity to obtain the proper packing items and supplies to help ensure that your glasses and dishes are packed as securely as possible to ensure their safety. Lastly, planning ahead can help to manage the stress involved with moving, allowing you to focus on properly organizing and packing your items, especially your glasses and dishes. 

Make Sure to Purchase the Proper Boxes

Boxes are an integral part of the moving process and never is that more true than when it comes to your glasses and dishes. Having the proper boxes can go a long way toward ensuring the safe delivery of your glassware and dishes at your new home. Durable, thick boxes that seal completely and are reinforced and tough protect your glasses and dishes from anything that may threaten their safety. Special boxes, made especially for glasses, are also an option as they provide glasses with individual slots to protect them from banging together and potentially breaking. These boxes, along with those that are extra durable and tough, can help to protect your glasses and dishes, and ensure they are ready to be unpacked and enjoyed in your new home. 

Make Packing Material Your Best Friend

After boxes, packing material, another integral part of your move, becomes your best friend. Packing material, ranging from Styrofoam peanuts to bubble wrap to packing paper, along with a multitude of other types of packing material, can be utilized to protect and pad your glasses and dishes to help ensure they arrive safely at your destination. Each type of packing material has pros and cons that can help you to decide which is the right type of packing material for you. For example, if you have purchased a multitude of boxes for your glasses, copious roles of bubble wrap may not be applicable. Also, packing paper is a much more affordable option that allows you to get more bang for your buck, so to speak. That being said, using packing paper to pack your glasses and dishes means that each of the items should be, at the very least, double wrapped in two or more sheets of packing paper. It’s important to consider that when weighing which packing material is right for you and your move. 

Don’t Forget the Markers and Tape

In the midst of moving, it is easy to forget the little things that make packing and moving, significantly easier. These items include things such as permanent markers and packing tape. These smaller items are those which, when you have them on hand, make boxing up your possessions more organized, clear, and easier on both ends of the move.  When packing your glasses and dishes be sure to mark each box as “Fragile”, “Kitchen Glasses (or Dishes)”, and which side is up. The more detailed you can get on the box, the easier the shipping and the unpacking will ultimately go thanks to your organization techniques.

The Professional Packing Option

There is another option that enables you to have your glasses and dishes packed up and shipped as safely as possible, without you having to drown in organization, packing, and a sea of boxes, and without you even lifting a finger. That option would be to have professionals pack up your glasses and dishes, along with whatever else you would like to have them pack up. Professional movers can help ensure you have the right material, the right boxes, and the right type of labeling to make sure that your glasses and dishes have the best chance of arriving in one piece at your new home. In addition, professional packers are just that, professionals, and they know how to wrap, pack, and ship your glasses and dishes in the most efficient manner.

Making the Move

Moving can be an exciting and challenging time for everyone involved. There is nothing quite like boxing up all of your personal items, all the things that represent your life, and moving them to somewhere new. Throw in having to unpack them, make sure they are in one piece, find a place for them, and moving becomes even more confusing and overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to your glasses and dishes. Since these items are usually fragile and are more likely to break, hiring a professional packing and moving crew to ship your stuff is an excellent way to ensure your items get to your new home safe and sound. For more information contact us today.